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"Chiropractic is Health Insurance. Premiums Small. Dividends Large."

"Chiropractic is Health Insurance. Premiums Small. Dividends Large."

This posting is about a week and half over due…but I just wanted to let you all know we have some new chiropractic framed prints available at both and

Our new Chiropractic quote/epigram prints feature 4 popular chiropractic quotes and epigrams.  They’re even written in B.J.’s favorite font!  These prints are available framed or unframed and on your choice of parchment or photo paper.  We even produce custom pieces so be sure to contact us if you have a favorite chiropractic phrase, quote, or epigram. 

We also recently released our new set of Chiropractic prints entitled,  ”The 3 T’s” .  This set of framed prints features 3 prints framed in tri-window picture frames and outlining the three main causes of chiropractic subluxation.  What a great way to decorate your chiropractic office while simultaneously educating your patients!

Since I’m a Palmer College of Chiropractic graduate I LOVE all of these affordable prints.  So be sure to check them out.  They make the perfect chiropractic gift for the principled Chiropractor in your life. 

Chiropractic Art 3 Ts Subluxation Print Picture 1

"What Causes a Subluxation"

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